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VIA VT8237R Plus

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VIA VT8237R Plus - VIA Vinyl Multichannel Audio Suite

The VIA VT8237R Plus South Bridge provides OEMs and motherboards with an unrivaled choice of market leading integrated and onboard audio performance options, delivering rich, warm surround sound at resolutions as high as 24/96 through up to six- or eight-channel outputs. VIA Vinyl Audio and VIA Vinyl Gold Audio enable users to enjoy music, watch the latest movies, play games, record and create content, and connect to the latest devices with crisp, clear performance, representing the highest levels of audio quality in a mainstream integrated or onboard solution.

VIA Vinyl Audio
The VT8237R Plus South Bridge integrates the high-performance VIA Vinyl AC'97 controller to enable six-channel audio support and the transfer of the highest resolution audio possible over the AC'97 standard.

For the best audio performance, the VIA VT8237R Plus should be combined with VIA Six-TRAC (VT1616) codec to enable premium quality AC'97 surround sound. Supporting six-channel outputs with 20-bit resolutions, the VIA Six-TRAC delivers full 5.1 surround sound to enable theatre-quality home audio and realistic 3D gaming sound effects on mainstream PC systems.

The VIA Six-TRAC also features analog mixer circuitry that integrates stereo enhancement to provide a pleasing 3D surround sound effect for stereo media. Further provisions in the hardware include the DualMAX™ feature that allows for downmixing of six-channel inputs such as digital video into four-channel, or even two-channel outputs. The Six-TRAC also integrates a unique CoolAMP™ architectural design that allows motherboard makers to choose the best possible amplifier to maximize audio quality and gain control, while preventing heat from affecting the Six-TRAC's performance.

The VIA Vinyl Six-TRAC is further enhanced through the VIA Stylus Audio driver that integrates the latest Sensaura technology for premium gaming support enabling total audio immersion.

VIA Vinyl Gold Audio
To meet the growing demand for the highest fidelity multi-channel surround sound, the VT8237R Plus South Bridge can also be coupled with the PCI based VIA Envy24PT onboard audio controller.

Enabling 24-bit resolution and 96KHz sampling rates for digital connections, the VIA Envy24PT is the only integrated PC audio solution that supports up to eight-channel outputs for improved flyover effects with the latest Dolby® Digital EX and DTS ES Video soundtracks.

To connect with other devices, the VIA Envy24PT comes equipped with an integrated S/PDIF transmitter and IEC958 line driver that allows the easy and accurate transfer of PCM, DTS, and AC3 digital audio formats to items like stereos and portable audio devices.

For high-resolution eight channel surround sound, the VIA Envy24PT can be paired with the VIA Six-TRAC codec plus an additional DAC though an I2S-link, as shown in the diagram below.

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